Kenshoo Custom Development
Custom Development Solutions Designed to Meet Your Specific Business Challenges

We understand that off-the-shelf marketing technologies may not address every challenge for large, complex businesses. Sometimes one specific requirement becomes the ultimate determination of platform fit. That's why the Kenshoo Labs team consists of seasoned engineers who can solve for the specific needs of marketers who are using or actively considering the Kenshoo platform through tailored development solutions. 

Automate Workflows

Stop performing the same repetitive actions and overburdening your resources. We'll build out automations to simplify your processes so that you're freed up to focus on uncovering insights and evolving strategy.

Does My Business Qualify for Custom Dev?

Workflows, Data Connections and Logic Tailored
for Your Team with Automation and Support

No two marketing organizations are alike, and the most sophisticated require equally sharp technologies to keep up and maximize impact. Whatever you're grappling with, our experts will evaluate the issue, crystallize your unique needs, and provide the best possible solution, from custom development to integrations or extra support. 

API & Development

Prefer your in-house team to take charge? If your developers want to code into Kenshoo, we're here to make it easy and seamless with robust documentation, personal guidance, and new API endpoints .

Connect Data

Scattered and disparate data sources can be detrimental to your business. We’ll help you cleanly sync your data into Kenshoo so that your campaigns are informed and your team can access everything in one place.

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